According to foreign media reports and well-informed sources, Melania Trump is planning to divorce Donald Trump.

The former First Lady of the United States and wife of Donald Trump, Melania Trump, is reportedly negotiating her prenuptial agreement ahead of her husband’s potential second presidential term, leading many to believe that leaving him is her plan.

The updated terms of the agreement allegedly include finances and properties, as well as an attempt to increase the foundation established for their 17-year-old son, Barron Trump, as reported by Page Six. This is believed to be at least the third time that the couple has renegotiated the agreement, which was originally drafted around the time of their marriage almost two decades ago in 2005.

Donald is currently facing a $5.5 million payment to author E. Jean Carroll after being sued for defamation in New York, and he is also facing four additional criminal charges. The former president, who is reportedly worth $2.5 billion, may also lose an additional $250 million in an ongoing civil lawsuit against him and his companies.

Without delving into details, sources have revealed some of the main problematic points in Melania and Donald’s relationship.

“This is at least the third time that Melania has renegotiated the terms of their marital agreement. She is most concerned about maintaining and increasing the financial fund for Barron. While Trump is still very wealthy, with mounting legal bills and judgments, the renegotiations ensure a better future for Melania and Barron in case of a divorce,” explained the source.

During the past few months, Melania has been keeping a low profile and barely appearing in public, which was not the case when she held the title of First Lady of the United States. Sources close to them confirmed that the couple has been living together at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate, but they have been having difficulties. According to some claims, Melania is primarily focused on Barron’s upbringing, and rumors of her considering a divorce from Donald are growing louder.

When Donald first faced scandals involving porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, sources close to them confirmed that Melania was not happy.

“Melania is no different from any other woman. It is extremely distressing to have a husband accused of cheating not once but twice. It is possible that it will lead to a divorce,” said a source at the time.

Melania faced criticism when she was First Lady, with many saying she was too detached from the public and acted too reserved. Now, it is speculated that she wants to avoid all the attention when Donald is the topic of global media. She spent most of the summer in New York while Donald campaigned across the country for his 2024 presidential campaign. A source close to Melania, who remained anonymous, recently told People that she is keeping her distance from his legal troubles.

“Melania publicly supports her husband, but privately prefers to live with 100% privacy and without media scrutiny. She knows what her husband is like but still believes he has gotten himself into too deep and wants nothing to do with it. She leads her own life. Melania has a small circle of family and very few trusted friends. Unlike many others who belong to her husband’s clubs, she doesn’t rely on external stimuli to steer her daily life. She has her son, other family members, and selected friends. As for her husband’s latest indictment, this fourth charge is just another problem for him, not for her,” the source concluded.

Trump’s and Melania’s marriage came into the spotlight following the release of Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury” in 2016, which detailed their bizarre private life. Wolff claimed that their marriage was confusing to almost everyone around them and that they actually spent relatively little time together.

“There could be days where they didn’t communicate, even when they were both at Trump Tower,” Wolff alleged.

The book also stated that the former couple slept in separate bedrooms at the White House and that Donald told his friends that the larger the age difference between an older man and a younger woman, the less personally she takes infidelity.

Donald and Melania got married in January 2005, spending a million dollars on their wedding, and they have a son named Barron.

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