Domenica Žuvela turned heads at an event in Zagreb where she appeared in a mini dress.

A number of famous Croatian women gathered at the launch of new models of a French eyewear brand in Zagreb, with singer Domenica Žuvela catching special attention.

The gorgeous girl from Velaluča wore a strapless gray mini dress at the event, showcasing her slender legs and other attributes, while being cautious of her posture to prevent any accidental exposure.

Domenica also seized the opportunity to try on the new eyewear, choosing an unconventional model with yellow lenses that surprisingly suited her well, adding an extra dose of sexiness to her appearance.

This summer, the young singer treated her loyal fans to several swimsuit photos, captivating them with her toned physique. She also drew attention with her performance on the show “Dancing with the Stars” last year.

Another event that is creating buzz is Domenica’s planned concert in the Zagreb Arena, scheduled for her birthday in 2030, which is 8 years away. “Actually, I gave myself a big motivation and a goal I want to achieve,” she recently revealed in an interview with In Magazin.

While Domenica is a familiar face at all social gatherings, she skillfully keeps her long-time boyfriend Ivan Bačić hidden from the public eye. They made their first public appearance together this summer at an event in Split.

Written by: Showbuzz

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