Marin Miletić shared a romantic photo with his partner Kristina Krepela, along with heartfelt words that many women would love to hear.

Sbor Representative Marin Miletić is not hiding his deep affection for popular actress Kristina Krepela.

In his recent Instagram story, he shared a romantic photo of the two of them, melting the hearts of his followers. They were out for a walk and took a moment to capture a selfie, with Marin hugging Kristina and her eyes closed, laughing and radiating happiness.

“Everything is easier with you, everything has more beautiful colors,” he wrote.

Kristina also appears carefree in the photo, as evident by a detail that caught the attention – her few gray hairs, embracing the natural signs that come with age.

Although she has always been private about her personal life, their public appearances and social media posts speak volumes about her happiness with the politician.

It is worth mentioning that rumors of Marin and Kristina’s romance started circulating last year after they were spotted together in Zagreb, but they initially kept their relationship hidden from the public.

In September 2020, Marin lost his wife Danijela after a long battle with a serious illness. They had two daughters together, who have warmly embraced their father’s new love.

Written by: Showbuzz

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