Versatile Split artist Ivan Trpimir Lozić, also known as Lozz, releases his new pop funk single “Kao lutka” (Like a Puppet) that is worth a listen.

Although Lozz is a relatively new name in our music scene, he has spent many years on various stages. He collaborates with numerous well-known musicians, plays in different bands, and sings backing vocals at various festivals. Recently, Lozz decided to release his own original songs that are worth hearing.

His latest release is the song “Kao lutka”, following the previous releases of “Pjesma” (Song), “Brže” (Faster), “Oprosti što sam čovjek” (Sorry for Being Human), and “Lica dva” (Two Faces).

The song “Kao lutka” was created in two stages. Lozz wrote the lyrics, while Branimir Šilović co-wrote the music with him. Roko Čekalović joined them on the arrangement, and he is also the song’s producer.

“Five years ago, I ended a relationship. Based on that experience, I wrote a part of the song. The line ‘You are like a song without a sung chorus’ led me to create a song without a chorus, as if it’s all one verse. Recently, I went through another failed love experience that gave me new emotional inspiration. I kept collecting emotions within myself until one day when I wrote the rest of the song in just five minutes,” said Lozz about his single “Kao lutka”.

Lozić has a background in theology. He worked as a catechist for a year before enrolling in “Film and Video” studies at the Academy, where he graduated with an award for the best student. He has also worked in a marketing agency. Since high school, he has been playing and singing in various bands, spending five years as a keyboardist in Domenica’s band. He also creates various videos and music videos, serving as a director, cameraman, and editor for many.

“The music video for ‘Kao Lutka’ is simple, shot in one take on a green screen, following the lyrics of the song. It’s my attempt to charm a girl. The silhouettes are there to show that it’s not a specific situation, but one that anyone can relate to,” says Lozz, who is already preparing his next song that we can’t wait to hear.

Written by: Showbuzz

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